Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Machine for Saddle Seam

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Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Machine for Saddle Seam
Application: It is mainly used for welding saddle seams in tubes and barrels for heavy pressure vessels. The maximum tube diameter capable of being welded is 1800mm, and the groove depth is up to 300mm.

Technical characteristics:
   ·The saddle trajectory of the welding gun is automatically generated according to mathematical models with digital control.
   ·The machine can automatically arrange the welding beads. Multi-pass and multi-layer successive welding could be achieved by human-computer interface input.
   ·The machine has functions of breakpoint memory and automatic reset.
   ·The machine has rotational conductive devices. External wires do not tangle during the multi-layer and multi-pass successive welding process.
   ·The self-developed ultra-thin high-power welding gun is suitable for welding seams with large-thickness and narrow groove .
   ·Three sets of welding procedures with three different sets of functions are capable of welding the external saddle, inner saddle and horizontal circular seams.