Director He Shi Led Delegation Attended the Helsinki IIW Annual Meeting and International Conference

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  June 28th -July 3rd ,director He Shi and Secretary PiaoDongguang attended the International Institute of WeldingIIW’s 68th Annual Meeting and International Welding Conference was held in the country of thousands of lakes in Helsinki, Finland.

  IIW established in 1948, It’s committed to improve the global welding fields and related technology ,working on training,quality certification and standardization and so on.Getting good reputation as an non-profit international organization in the global welding industry.  Contains 57 member countries from all over the world, held meetings at the  different member countries annually. There were 885 delegates from 53 countries attended this meeting and 38 experts were from china.

  The opening ceremony was held in Finlandia conference center which is designed by Alvar Aalto,the famous Finnish architect.In a cordial and harmonious atmosphere, IIW presented nine awards in ceremony, 17 award experts were from Germany, Japan, United States, Austria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria.

  Director He Shi paid his key attention to participate in the Second Committee (arc welding and filler metal),the twelfth Commission (arc welding process and production system), IAB-B (implementation and certification) and standards working group meeting. IIW consists of 16 professional committees, two academic groups and five Special Committees, these committees led by technical experts of countries and the main role is academic communication, many latest technology trends of development and application in welding and related fields can be showed in those meetings.Director He Shi also participated in the International Conference with  the theme of "high-strength welding materials- Challenges and application". Ten Chinese scholars contributed to the International Conference and six papers were presented, four were posted by wall papers.

   During the meeting, Director Heshi and Secretary Piao Dongguang took friendly exchanges with Zhang Xishuo—the chairman of Korean Welding Society and Li Purong —the former chairman.

   Secretary Piao Dongguang mainly participated in the the meeting of IAB-A, IAB-B and standard working group meeting. At the Standards Working Group (WG-STAND) meeting on July 2, Secretary Piao Dongguang was awarded by IIW Chairman Gar, got certificate of honor and medal for his ten-year joining and supporting.

   It is reported that the 70th IIW Annual Meeting will be held by the China Welding Society on 25-30 June 2017 in Shanghai,China.