HWI’s International Cooperation Project Pass Acceptance Inspection

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        April 3rd, 2015, commissioned by the Department of International Cooperation, the expert team from Science &Technology Department of Heilongjiang Province held acceptance meeting with the international cooperation project- high-strength Al-Ti alloy high-power solid-state laser welding technology introduction and development.

Based on field investigation and demonstration, experts listened to the project report, through questions and discussion, they agreed that the project team successfully introduced two key technologies: "high-power solid-state laser and high-frequency oscillation welding technology and equipment " and "high-power solid-state laser plasma spectral welding quality monitoring technology". It made effective conversion and application in the fields of aviation, weapons, mining machinery and successfully finished project task documents, reached assessment data.

        The international cooperation project smoothly passed acceptance inspection.

        High-strength Al-Ti alloy high-power solid-state laser welding technology introduction and development project introduced two key technologies from St. Petersburg State University. It deeply studied the high-frequency oscillating laser welding in overcoming the welding energy fluctuations, improving the welding stability, optimizing welding appearance and reducing the pores generation tendency. It successfully solved technical problems of the key components of high-strength Al alloy and Ti alloy welded joints in high-power solid-state laser welding quality and efficiency. This project has applied for five invention patents, all have entered the real trial stage, and also published 11 pieces of academic papers, ten of them could been searched in EI index searching system, all the results of the project have completely independent intellectual property rights. Project has trained one post-doctor, one doctor, four masters, eight core technology backbone. Through the implementation of the project, channels of international cooperation got well expanded, it has built stable long-term cooperation with Russian, established favourable combination for technology introduction to industry and academia research, improved the international influence of our country in this field.